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"I think gpnotebook is great for fast revision of topics when information  is needed urgently. I'm currently working in A&E and have made use of  gpnotebook on a number of occasions to good effect. I find the layout very  intuitive and summaries are not clouded with superfluous information.  Salient points are listed in the general summary for each topic then one  can choose to follow the links to read more detail on things like  aetiology, management, and related conditions etc. I always feel  reassured that what i'm reading is based on up to date peer-reviewed data with references and links to current UK guidelines. Also, i am encouraged  by the fact that the team maintaining gpnotebook come from heterogeneous  backgrounds within medicine. As such, it is a quality resource equally as  useful in hospital medicine as it is in primary care.."

Dr William Smerdon, foundation year doctor. (June 2010)

"i am enjoying reading your site and finding useful info for a uni assisgnment."

Rebekah, Australia (April 2010)

"Dear GPnotebook, just dropping a quick note of thank you for running this excellent website. I used it to help me study for RACGP and I continue to use it regularly during my day to day practices. It is easy to read, easy to understand, well laid out and is evidence based. Thank you."

Dr George Wang, Australia (April 2010)

"I greatly value GP notebook for providing top quality, relevant medical information. It is extremely comprehensive. "

Andrew Murray, GP registrar (March 2010)

"I just wanted to say that I love your site. I`m a 4th year medical student and it covers pretty much everything I need to know in just enough detail. Great job!"

Andrew Williams from University of Newcastle, Australia (November 2009)

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