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"GP notebook , I think personally, is the best resource on the internet for GP`s. It has been very useful for me throughout my training. "

Praful (June 2009)

"I love your website, i use it daily at work, it is relevant, comprehensive and intuitive."

Phil (May 2009)

"My GP Registrars have always been keen on GP Notebook wheras I`ve spent the last few years directing them to NICE or CKS or Practical General Practice etc instead. Last year however I did think GP Notebook was a lot better- and this (Trainee) year better again. So I`m becoming a convert !"

Dr. Alan Dow (April 2009)

"I came across this website today via looking for the meanings of SLR test and FABER test. The website is very awesome! It made my life a whole lot easier! I truly appreciate for the info I received from this website:-)))) "

Robert from USA (April 2009)

"Strong search functions provide the medical sector with an encyclopaedic knowledge of medicine ( ) "

Information World Review (Sep 2007)

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