Top rating for GPnotebook
GPnotebook website has been named as one of the top 10 most useful medical websites for the year 2007 by the " Australian doctor ".
GPnotebook popularity
Analysis of September 2008 traffic statistics show that 50% of UK GPs access GPnotebook at least once a week.
Changes to GPnotebook in October 2010
During January 2011 there will be a number of changes to the website. The most significant will be that you will only be able to buy Generic Cialis, read 5 pages per day without logging into your account. If you are a clinician from the UK or Ireland you can still subscribe for free in association with Univadis. Medical students are also free. We have a policy of providing free access to developing countries but you need to have an approved email address. Paid for subscriptions for doctors start at £30 per year.


"Great site-started my st2 year and it`s very helpful"
Dr. McCean (Oct 2008)
"I just discovered your website whilst studying for 5th year med exams - it`s awesome, thanks!"
Kerry from NZ (Oct 2008)
"I can`t work without gpnotebook! It`s really usefull and easy to use"
Debbie (Aug 2008)
""I think your site is excellent ...""
Pete B April 2008
""..All my colleagues and I use your site for reference on a near daily basis and love it.." "
Emma Houghton (April 2008)