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Search help


The search routine looks through the titles of the 27,000 pages of the GPnotebook database to find matches for your search keywords.

You can type up to 30 characters into the search box and the server will look for the first three words. A word is defined as a group of characters separated by a space. Any apostrophes will be deleted.

Initially GPnotebook looks for page titles which contain the whole search keywords. The hits are sorted according to how many of the search items are present in the title, for example if a page title contains three of the search items then it is placed above a page with a title containing only two of the search items. Pages are also sorted according to how "hot" the pages is. A blue bar is used to indicate how hot a hit is - the longer the bar the more important the page.

If the server cannot find any matches for the whole search keywords it then takes the first search item and asks do any of the pages titles containing those characters. For example if you type "asth" then it will find pages including "asthma" and "myasthenia gravis".

Good luck and enjoy reading the GPnotebook database.