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Kraissl line

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Kraissl's lines are a set of anatomical skin lines:

  • differ from Langer's lines in that unlike Langer's lines, which are defined in term of collagen orientation, Kraissl's lines are are oriented perpendicular to the action of the underlying muscles
    • Kraissl's lines coincides with wrinkle lines, although not always, and tend to be perpendicular to the muscle action
      • Kraissl's lines are found by studying the direction of underlying muscle fiber
        • Kraissl transposed wrinkle lines over diagrams of the underlying musculature and showed that these lines are mostly perpendicular to the muscles
          • he noted that the orientation of attachments between the skin and muscle was largely perpendicular to the underlying muscle
          • collagen runs generally parallel to wrinkle lines and is laid down parallel to scars
            • therefore, in a scar placed perpendicular to the underlying muscle, collagen will be laid down in the same direction as is usual in the wrinkle lines and the septa between skin and muscle

            • Kraissl's lines


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