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type IS mucopolysaccharidosis

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Scheie syndrome is a mucopolysaccharidosis where the underling defect is deficiency of alpha-L-iduronidase. This is the same deficiency seen in Hurler's syndrome, however in Scheie syndrome it only affects dermatan sulphate, the accumulation of which in tissues is responsible for the clinical manifestations.

  • Scheie syndrome patients typically display variable clinical symptoms that can include coarse facial features, corneal clouding, cardiac valve disease, joint stiffness, clawed hands, malaise/fatigue and other somatic features
    • onset of these clinical symptoms is usually delayed compared to that in Hurler syndrome patients and the disease progression is less rapi
      • in some patients with an attenuated form of the disorder, intelligence can be normal, stature can be relatively normal and the patient can have a normal lifespan


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General Practice Notebook
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