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pubovaginalis muscle (anatomy)
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Pubovaginalis in the female is the equivalent of levator prostatae in the male. Both are members of the levator ani muscle group which act to separate the base of the pelvic cavity from the ischiorectal fossa lying inferiorly.

Both originate from the posterior pelvic surface of the body of the pubis bone. Fibres pass inferiorly, medially and posteriorly. On each side in the male, levator prostatae inserts into a midline raphe, the central perineal tendon, posterior to the prostate gland. In the female, pubovaginalis inserts into the central perineal tendon posterior to the vagina.

Both muscles act in co-ordination with the rest of levator ani to support the pelvic viscera. The innervation of levator ani is the anterior primary rami of segments S3 and S4.