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corrugator supercilii muscle (anatomy)

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Corrugator supercilii is one of the muscles of the forehead. It is small and pyramidal in shape.

It originates from the medial superciliary arch. Its fibres pass superolaterally between the palpebral and orbital parts of orbicularis oculi.. It inserts into the skin of the medial forehead up to the mid-portion of the eyebrow.

Its blood supply is from the ophthalmic artery.

It acts to:

  • depress the eyebrows
  • move the eyebrows medially
  • wrinkle the medial forehead

It is innervated by the temporal branch of the facial nerve (VII).

Corrugator supercilii is one of the muscles targeted for the prevention of frown lines in the upper third of the face during botulinum toxin treatment.