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uterus bicornis unicollis
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Incomplete fusion of the Mullerian or paramesonephric ducts results in the most common types of uterine malformation:

Complete failure results in uterus didelphys. This extremely rare condition is characterised by:

  • double vagina
  • double cervix
  • entirely double uterus ie. two single-horned uteruses

A variant of this is the uterus bicornis bicollis which is characterised by:

  • double or single vagina
  • double cervix
  • two single-horned uteruses which show partial fusing of their muscular walls

More extensive fusion of the Mullerian ducts results in the uterus bicornis unicollis which is characterised by:

  • single vagina
  • single cervix
  • double, single-horned uteruses which are partially fused

Other abnormalities include:

  • uterus subseptae - uterus has midline septum
  • uterus arcuatus - uterus slightly indented in the middle
  • uterus unicornis - with a second blind-ending rudimentary horn

A septate vagina or a double vagina may occur in isolation if canalisation of the most caudal part of the fused Mullerian duct is incomplete.