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sinuatrial nodal artery (heart, anatomy)

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The sinuatrial nodal artery may arise as a branch of one or both of two larger arteries:

  • the right coronary artery:
    • present in 55% of the population
    • originates proximally in the course of the right coronary artery just after it has emerged from the right coronary sinus
  • the circumflex branch of the left coronary artery:
    • present in 45% of the population
    • originates just after the circumflex artery has diverged from the left coronary artery
    • passes superiorly and to the right, posterior to the aorta and superior to the upper, left pulmonary vein

Often, the artery forms an arterial ring around the structures it supplies:

  • right atrium
  • right auricle
  • sinuatrial node

Rarely, the sinuatrial artery may arise directly from the right coronary sinus separately from the right coronary artery.