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raised amylase

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The most common cause of hyperamylasaemia is acute pancreatitis in which serum amylase is usually elevated more than 4-fold.


  • congenital - congenital hyperamylasaemia
  • acquired:
    • infection e.g. mumps
    • neoplasm e.g. pancreatic carcinoma
    • vascular e.g. mesenteric ischaemia
    • inflammatory e.g. acute pancreatitis, hepatitis, post-ERCP, peritonitis
    • trauma e.g. burns, posterior perforating duodenal ulcer, intestinal obstruction or perforation
    • drugs e.g. morphine and other opiates
    • metabolic e.g. renal failure, renal transplant, diabetic ketoacidosis, macroamylasaemia