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standard opiate formulations

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Morphine preparations

  • immediate release oral preparations
    • Morphine Sulphate tablets
      • sevredol tablets 10mg (blue), 20mg (pink) and 50mg (pale green) (56 tablet pack)
    • Morphine Sulphate Solution
      • Oramorph oral solution 10mg in 5ml, (100ml, 300ml and 500ml)
      • Oramorph unit dose oral vials 10mg, 30mg and 100mg (the solution is sugar-free and alcohol-free, each dose is contained in a 5ml volume). (20 vial pack)
      • Oramorph concentrated oral solution 100mg in 5ml (30ml & 120ml both sugar-free and alcohol-free with calibrated dropper)
    • morphine sulphate suppositories
      • 10mg, 15mg, 20mg, 30mg. (12 suppository pack)
  • 12-hourly Morphine Modified Release oral preparations
    • Zomorph Capsule*
      • 10mg (yellow/clear), 30mg (pink/clear), 60mg (orange/clear), 100mg (white/clear), 200mg (clear) (60 capsule pack)
    • Morphgesic MR tablets
      • 10mg (buff), 30mg (violet),60mg (orange),100mg (grey) (60 tablet pack
    • MST Continus Tablets
      • 5mg (white), 10mg (brown), 15mg (green), 30mg (purple), 60mg (orange), 100mg (grey), 200mg (green). (60 tablet pack).
    • MST Continus Suspension
      • 20mg, 30mg, 60mg, 100mg, 200mg. (30 sachet pack) (sachets of granules to mix with water)
  • 24-hour Morphine Modified Release oral preparations
    • MXL capsules*
      • 30mg (light blue), 60mg (brown), 90mg (pink), 120mg (green), 150mg (blue), 200mg (red-brown) (28 capsule pack)

Diamorphine Injections:

  • 5, 10, 30, 100 and 500mg ampoules

Fentanyl Patches:

  • 25, 50, 75 and 100mcg/hour patches every three days

*Capsules containing slow release pellets can be opened and sprinkled onto soft food


  • (1) West Midlands Palliative Care Physicians (2007). Palliative care - guidelines for the use of drugs in symptom control.