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guinea pig bites or bite

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  • bites from small rodents (including mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters and guinea pigs) may be contaminated with a wide variety of organisms including Pasteurella spp
    • Streptobacillus moniliformis, another potential contaminant, can cause 'rat bite fever' (also known as Haverhill fever) - this generally presents, some weeks after a bite, with an influenza-like illness plus regional lymphadenopathy, arthralgia and a maculo-papular, urticarial or vasculitic rash
    • squirrel bites in the USA have been implicated in the transmission of typhus and tularaemia - a small study in the UK of 21 patients suffering squirrel bites revealed no cases of transmission of either of these infection (despite only 6 of the patients receiving antibiotic prophylaxis) (2)


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