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manuka honey as a desloughing agent for venous leg ulcers

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  • a specific type of honey, namely Manuka honey (MH) from the Leptospermum scoparium bush found throughout New Zealand and Australia, is gaining recognition as a wound management agent
    • it is claimed that MH is a desloughing agent that can be used in the management of venous leg ulcer (VSU) (1)
  • MH may deslough wounds through a combination of pathways
    • the honey exerts an osmotic effect within the wound bed as it draws fluid from the deeper wound tissue to the surface
      • process aids cleansing and removal of devitalised tissue
    • second, honey maintains a moist wound environment
      • facilitates autolysis
    • MH may also deslough by lowering wound pH
  • in a study involving patients with venous leg ulcers, Manuka honey did not significantly reduce wound slough at 4 weeks but did improve would healing at 12 weeks (2)