Top rating for GPnotebook
GPnotebook website has been named as one of the top 10 most useful medical websites for the year 2007 by the " Australian doctor ".
GPnotebook popularity
Analysis of September 2008 traffic statistics show that 50% of UK GPs access GPnotebook at least once a week.
Changes to GPnotebook in October 2010
During January 2011 there will be a number of changes to the website. The most significant will be that you will only be able to buy Generic Cialis, read 5 pages per day without logging into your account. If you are a clinician from the UK or Ireland you can still subscribe for free in association with Univadis. Medical students are also free. We have a policy of providing free access to developing countries but you need to have an approved email address. Paid for subscriptions for doctors start at £30 per year.


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Dr. Ian Spencer (December 2013)
"Thank you very much for your kindness and approval of my request. I wish you great success in serving the humanity the way you people are doing. Bundles of thanks once again."
Dr. Abdullah (November 2013)
"Amazing knowledge based and up-to-date website, thank you!"
Nick MN (November 2013)
"GPnotebook gives precise information when needed, on time."
Hayat Muhammad (November 2013)
"I really thank you for your service to provide resources for medical students like us in Developing Countries."
Lochana Sandaruwan Salgadu (August 2013)