FREE access to GPnotebook from developing countries


Part of GPnotebook's mission is to provide high quality medical information and advice free of charge to the developing world. So far the problem has alwaysbeen that it is difficult for us to know which country you are living in.

Although we cannot come to meet you personally in your home or office we can however meet you on Facebook. So this gave us an idea...

This is how you can claim your free subscription to GPnotebook if you live in a developing country:

  1. you send us a message - just type "Voucher" (click here)
  2. you "Like" our Facebook page (click here)
  3. each day our help desk team will check the messages and your location
  4. if your country of residence is on the wikipedia list of developing countries (check here) we will send you a voucher
  5. you can enter this voucher on the registration page to avoid paying for your subscription

The voucher will allow you to activate your account for one week, if you don't activate your account within that time you will need to ask for a new one. Once activated your accout will be valid indefinitely. The voucher should not be shared (just get your friends to like our Facebook page as well!)



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